Spanish situation

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Spain, country in the Southwest of Europe, more than 40 million people living in this country, more than 5,5 million unemployers, almost 50% young people are seeking a job.In that situation, we already are in Spain in the XXI century, this situation has a name: Crisis. It’s not just Spain which has economical problems, it’s a international fact that affect to the entire world. However, in Spain is the european country with the highest unemployment rate, head of families as well as young people are in a fatal situation.

I’m going to talk about my situation, I’m a spanish young with a bachelor in Advertising & PR, and Master of Marketing Management, with enough knowledges to do some tools in communication and marketing in different companies due to my experience in other internship and my formation in Universities. Moreover, I’ve a B2 english level to write, to keep a conversation, to read, even to translate different reports. I’m good at informatic tools and in my professional career (short, but in many important companies) I have developed my skills as communication, teamwork, innovative, responsitive, etc.

I’m not going to proud, I don’t want to be complaining everytime, I’m not going to be desperate to get a job, but I’m going to strive to keep me motivated, not losing my ilusion to become a great professional in Marketing & Communication area. I’m just want to have an opportunity to show my knowledge, experiences and develop my talent in a company where I can succeed.

After that words, I just hope before or after get my goal, the same of the 50% Spanish young, become a man who don’t have to concer about the money, having a house, still be in love with my wife entire my life, just enjoying the life as other citizen of the world.


What is a #CM?

#CM is the meaning of Community Manager…! Moreover, the symbol # is used in Twitter to talk about one special issue, for example #globaleconomy, #newmasscommunications and every day there are more and more issues to talk about.

Now, I’m going to talk about the meaning of Community Manager, because I’m going to begin to be one of that in few days, in the company QDQ_Media (

The concept is easy, at least I think so, because if we divide the references: “community” are the social media like Twitter, Facebook, Tuenti, LinkedIn, Xing, Tumbr, Menéname, even Youtube etc; and manager is the person who manage this communities. That kind of people have a strong responsability I think, because is like a new dircom, but in a new era, in the era of the technologies 2.0 where a message can be in mouth of many people in just few minutes. For that reason, there must be a strategy of the company, a main line where they want to continue and show to the rest of the people a only one image of the brand…a brand more social, more responsable.

It’s not a hard work, or at least the people think that but you must have few conditions…be strategist, be cool, be nice, be polite, and try to caught people, may be future clients or may be currently, but never drop them…grow up a interest in your company through new feeds, new questions, new info…etc.

Next Episode: My first steps as #CM…

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The Ad’ World is a perfect mix btwn Art&Business

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Advertising is a mix between two worlds: Art and Business.

Why Art? Advertising is not always art but in many cases it is, it’s a way of communication like art works, photographies, pictures, buildings, films…it’s other kind of art, the art which is paid, well-paid before, but we can consider art because like many centuries ago Miguel Angelo painted the Capilla Sixtina under a salary. However, the creative people of advertising are also artist who receive a salary as Miguel Angelo or other artistic people who, at the end, sell the art work for money.

Why Business? The Ad’ World is related with money, companies and also the world of business. Every company needs to comunicate to their target what they are, what they are doing, which are their product and how beautiful and responsibly are trying to show a proper image for being in the top of mind of the target

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Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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